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Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

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Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication make Zesty Satellites safer for your business. We highly recommend you and your team uses two-factor authentication to logging in. In this guide we will walk you through a few simple steps to get two-factor enabled for your user login.

  1. Log into Zesty Account
  2. Open your profile settings
  3. Click the Security link
  4. Click "enable"
  5. Enter your phone number
  6. Download Authy from Text message link sent from Zesty
  7. Enter email and phone number into auth
  8. Wait for Zesty to Verify (this may take a few minutes)
  9. Log into your Zesty Satellite
  10. Enter your normal user name and password
  11. Zesty will prompt for two-factor key, Open Authy and enter key
  12. Enter the key into Zesty, and click login


The very first thing you will need is a log into Zesty Accounts. login sample

Open your profile settings

Once in the account manager you will need to click on my account (your name in the top right hand corner) and select my profile.

Click the Security link, then click enable

On the left side of the accounts view, you will see 4 links. Click the Security link.

Click security link and click enable

Enter your phone number

Enter your phone number then click continue.

enter your phone number

Get a text message with link to download Authy

Your smart phone will get a message with a link to download the two-factor token application, Authy

zesty text message download link

Download Authy

Proceed to download Authy. After installing, enter the same phone number you entered into Zesty, and the email that matches your Zesty account.

Authy Download

Wait for Zesty to Verify (this may take a few minutes)

If Zesty does not authorize you within 5 minutes, write an email to support@zesty.io with your user email and phone number.

Authy Download

After being authorized, log into your Satellite

log into your Satellite

After logging in, Zesty will prompt you for a two-factor key

Zesty asks for two-factor key

Open authy and enter the key shown in the Zesty Prompt

view your two-factor key in Zesty and enter your key

Now you're safer!